In an exclusive interview with Maulesh Ukani, MD, BAN Labs, we find out about the importance of Ayurveda and how they are transforming Ayurveda from traditional to modern form.

 How has BAN Labs transformed Ayurvedic products in the last two decades?

Ayurveda was traditionally presented with formulations like Vatika, Gutika, Aasava-Aarishtha, etc. We have transformed Ayurveda in modern concept in the form of syrup, capsule drops etc. This has led to an increase in acceptance of Ayurvedic products due to the convenience dosage delivery system.

Are there any commonly used ingredients and manufacturing processes that are detrimental to good health? Something that your firm seeks to avoid?

I feel Ayurveda has no side effects. Moreover, we have many formulations which are herbal in form, thus having no side effects. Ayurveda is an ancient science by which millions of people are cured, hence I don’t find any detrimental effect.

Is it challenging to find a balance between the traditional art of Ayurveda and modern science?
Initially it looked challenging but approach towards R&D with more clinical trials and experimental studies have changed the way of presenting Ayurveda, as there are many diseases where there is a lack of alternative in modern medicine. Result of these studies

indicate that when presented with such roadblocks, even allopathic doctors prescribe Ayurvedic medicines. This trust got passed on to the consumers too, which is clearly visible with the acceptance of our Brand SESA, which is now sold over the counter. Not only that, it is nationally acclaimed as No 1 in the hair therapy segment.

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