Salasar Ayurveda’s ORTHO Capsules


Product Highlights

• Reduce Joints Pain
• Boost Recovery from Injury
• Relief from body aches
• Improve Blood Flow
• Fulfills vitamins in body
• Relief in stiffness of muscles
• Helps in relieving nerve pain
• Relief from pain for lifetime



Product Description

This Capaules are specially made for patients who is suffering from severe Joint pain, Knee Joint pain
and treats Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis. This is an authentic product containing
herbal extracts and nutrients that help & support healthy joints and connective tissues in the body. It is helpful in relieving Joint Pain, Arthritis, Muscular & Skeletal Pain,
Backache, Muscular Spain, Stiffness of Joints & all type of vata diseases.
This Capsule is a pure result of Ayurveda where our R&D team has achieved this product with the combination of few Ayurvedic Jadi-Buti making it free of side-effects. This Ayurveda capsules are founded by Dr. Dheeraj Khurana. This has no side-effects so feel free and achieve excellent result and relief.


• Shilajit
• Rasna
• Ashgandh
• Satavar
• Guggal
• Gokhru
• Punarva
• Linum usitatissimum
• Vitex negundo
• Celastrus paniculatus
• Sesamum indicum

How To Use

Capules~2 Capsules Daily After Meal Or As Directed By Health Care Professional


• This product is not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent Disease
• Not to exceed recommended daily dosage
• Keep out of reach of Children




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